Our Goal

Our Mission Statement

At The Mindfulness and STEAM Lab, we aim to plant seeds of self-esteem, mindfulness, and STEAM into children. We want to provide them with the nutrients (resources) to help them blossom, grow, and create a legacy of their own

Meet the Founders

Dr. Tori Ellis

Dr. Tori Ellis, a Transformational Life and Business Coach and Best-Selling Author, is a native of New York with a lifelong aspiration to lead and guide others in education and the workplace.
Inspired by her family’s commitment to empowering youth, Tori pursued undergraduate studies in Psychology and Criminal Justice, followed by a Master’s Degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and a PsyD. in Human and Organizational Psychology.
As a “millennial,” she is dedicated to providing her peers and future generations with tools for exemplary societal contributions, emphasizing wellness, positive psychology, and entrepreneurship. Her Best-Selling book, “The Sound of Business: Seeing Entrepreneurship through Hip Hop,” introduces these concepts.
With her love and passion for children, she created the I Am A Mini Entrepreneur series/ brand to bring great stories that can teach and empower children around the world to always follow their passion and be their best selves.
Through an expansion of the brand, the new sister series/brand of Ms. Belladonna’s Lab was created and elevated to a new form outside of just books.

Contact information:

Instagram: @always_drtorii, @iamaminientrepreneur
Website: msymp.org, iamaminientrepreneur.com

Danielle Corbin

Danielle is a Bajan American, Brooklyn (E.N.Y) native, who is an author, entrepreneur, and teacher of 6th Grade Science & Urban Gardening in the Bronx. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and her Master’s degree in Childhood Education. Growing up in a community and encountering many students during her adult teaching, who have struggled or fallen through the cracks with many tools they could have learned in Elementary to High School has driven her love for aiding and developing children. These encounters, as well as noticing the lack of empathy and socio-emotional learning in children from their home and school environments has motivated her to want to teach and provide students with the tools they need in the future.
Her mission is to make the connection between everything children learn and how it applies to the real world. Danielle combined her passions for urban gardening, mindfulness, and empowering the youth to create MSYMP, The Mindfulness & S.T.E.A.M Youth Mentorship Program (MSYMP) whose programs are dedicated to assisting youths in expanding their growth and understanding of self and their communities. She brings her stories to life in and outside of the classroom.
She is a partner of the I Am A Mini Entrepreneur series/brand and Lead of the new sister series/brand of Ms. Belladonna’s Lab. Her character Ms. Belladonna who was featured in the I Am A Mini Entrepreneur series is the main character and head of her very own series and brand, Ms. Belladonna’s Lab, which follows the life of the spunky science teacher we all know and love.
She is also the proud owner of Anything4jc, a business that is dear to her heart and family, which will soon make its debut in the coming months.

Contact information:

Instagram: @Ms.bellad, @iamaminientrepreneur
Website: msymp.org, iamaminientrepreneur.com

Who we Are

The Mindfulness and STEAM Lab was created and dedicated to offering youth mentorship programs and assisting youths in expanding their growth and understanding of themselves and their communities. We introduce youth to different courses based on the art of meditation, hydroponics, microgreens, and veterinary medicine. They will discover innovative ways to grow and harvest their vegetables and social-emotional tools. Our mini entrepreneurs, farmers, agriculturists, artists, veterinarians, and mathematicians will have ongoing opportunities to actively contribute to their communities and explore career options.